Red Moor Home Learning Provision


Remote Learning Policy

At Red Moor we recognise that it is vital that all of our students are able to gain access to the BEST education and that having routine and support from school staff is important to our young people, especially during such changeable and uncertain times. To implement this, we have created an online learning offer that is relevant and meets the individual needs of all of our young people as effectively as possible. The information below offers further information on our Remote Learning offer and some additional information for parents and carers that we hope will answer some of your questions around online learning.

Our Remote Learning Policy provides more information regarding Red Moor School’s online learning practices; including specifying the roles and responsibilities involved in provided access to remote education and identifying important resources that Red Moor will use to support access to Education.


More Guidance Around Our Remote Learning Policy

Understandably, there are questions that parent and carers may have about our Remote Learning provision at Red Moor School. To help answer some of these questions, we have compiled guidance that would explain more about our provision. Please take the time to read this guidance but if there are any further questions that you have about how we offer online learning to our young people, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Remote Education Frequently Asked Questions